BFA is prepared to grant credits to companies and individuals

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BFA is prepared to grant credits to companies and individuals

The regional director of corporate banking of Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA), Sebastião Massango, ensured that the institution has created all the conditions for granting credit to Angolans, individuals and potential entrepreneurs, under the program “Angola Invests”, created by the Angolan Government.

According to the official, the BFA formed a team of workers and has a defined custom profile, at all levels, so that they would have no difficulties to understand and interpret the conditions required to access credit. He explained that individuals or collective persons who want credit, within the program framework of the Angola Invests, through the BFA, they should approach the Office of small and medium-sized enterprises (INAPEM).

“To access the credit from Angola Invests, companies need to be registered and certified by the INAPEM, for statistical purposes and monitoring of operations, in its various phases. The aim is to know the companies, how they are structured and prepared, as well as knowing those which are already operating or those in the beginning of activities”, informed the director. According to the source, those who are interested should contact a BFA desk where they will receive useful information about the process, but only the certification issued by INAPEM will give access to credit from the Bank.

He reported that the governmental program “Angola Invests” is intended to support micro, small and medium-sized Angolan enterprises engaged in agriculture, industry, trade, fisheries and other sectors, aiming at the diversification of the economy and the development of entrepreneurial activity in the country. The interest for the credit is subsidized in a maximum of five percent, with public guarantee, i.e. the risks or losses from this operation will be assumed by the Government.

Source: ANGOP

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