Angola Successfully In Transparency

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Angola Successfully In Transparency

Angola has gone up 11 places in the list of non-governmental organization Transparency International about corruption only in a year. Portugal lost a place because the financial and social crisis have boosted corruption in that country of the Euro zone. Venezuela and Paraguay are the most corrupt countries in Latin America, while Chile and Uruguay are among the most transparent according to the report published by the NGO with headquarters in Germany.

The 2012 Edition of the traditional corruption perception index offers a ” regional “ranking with few variations in comparison with reports of the last two years, but does give a warning: “the Latin America is the world’s most violent region, where inequality is greater”, assured the director of Transparency International for the Americas, Alejandro Salas.

On a global scale, Somalia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Sudan and Myanmar are the most corrupt countries. Denmark, Finland, Sweden, New Zealand and Singapore, are the less affected by this type of practice. The Transparency International, global reference in the analysis of corruption, warns in its report that only one third of the 176 countries passed the test. The condemnation of corruption is gaining ground around the world.

“After a year in which the attention was turned to corruption, We hope that Governments adopt a firmer stance against the abuse of power. The results of the TPI demonstrate that societies continue to pay high cost to what represents corruption”, said in a statement the President of Transparency International, Huguette Labelle.

Paulo Morais, vice-president da Transparency International in Portugal, considers that “investors and foreign observers that make up the index of perception of corruption they still don’t see the visible progress in Portugal. The trend of stagnation-and even regression – is the brand image of our country in the fight against corruption and this has a negative impact on our ability to attract foreign investment to help us emerge from the crisis”.

Unlike in Angola, foreign investment increases daily. Angola has improved 11 places in the list of Transparency International, as a result of measures taken against corruption schemes mounted during the war years, due to the weakening of the authority of the State. Among the CPLP countries (countries that speak Portuguese), Cape Verde has improved two places, East Timor 30 places, Mozambique worsened three places, Sao Tome and Principe improved 28 places, Guinea-Bissau has improved 4 places and Brazil improved 4 places.
The “cleanest” countries are Denmark, Finland and New Zealand. The Transparency International justifies why: “These companies are supported by a level of access to information systems and clear rules governing the behavior of agents in public office”.

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