The Commercial Representation’s mission is to promote trade and business relations between Angola and the United States.

President of the Republic of Angola

​Angola - USA Trade

Jose Eduardo dos Santos


  • Furnishes information on business opportunities and investment in Angola;

  • Provides support for US companies interested in the Angolan market; or in doing business in Angola;

  • Helps Angolan companies have a better understanding of the American market;


The Commercial Representation of Angola in the US is an institution of the Ministry of Commerce, connected to the Embassy of Angola in the US, whose organic law is fixed by Decree No. 35/2002 of 28 June, which defines the mission, functions and the type of internal organization.


  • To ensure compliance with Government defined trade policy in the countries where they are accredited;

  • To contribute to the development of trade relations between the Republic of Angola and the countries where they are accredited;

  • To identify and capture the opportunities for foreign direct investment; portfolio investments and to facilitate the placement of securities ad titles of the State and national companies in the United States’ financial markets;

  • To survey foreign markets and to provide all information requested by the public and private bodies of the Republic of Angola;

  • To promote the opening of new markets for national products potentially exportable;

  • To participate in the negotiations of bilateral and multilateral agreements;​