President of the Republic of Angola

Jose Eduardo dos Santos

​Angola - USA Trade

What is LANCOQ?

The National Quality Control Laboratory (LANCOQ) is an organ of the Ministry of Commerce dedicated into scientific research activities, technical assistance, analysis, examinations and tests of various levels for the quality control of food products imported or domestic. Comprises the areas of Microbiology, physical chemistry and entomology.


Perform laboratory analyses, microbiological, physic-chemical and Entomological for control of food quality in accordance with ISO standards, of the European Union and the Codex Alimentarius.

The laboratory may negotiate special payment conditions of the prices fixed in the Presidential Decree 190/13, of June 3, through contracts to be concluded with the interested party.


LANCOQ – National Quality Control Laboratory

Taking into consideration the application of Presidential Decree Nº275/11, of October 28, which approves the Regulation of Laboratory Analysis of Imported Goods and Domestic Production, the Angolan Executive set a new reference framework and new quality control practices, to safeguard the public interest adjacent to protect public health, the environment and national industry, establishing the rules applicable laboratory testing of the imported goods and national production destined for export, or intended for domestic consumption.